Graniteville Specialty Fabrics has been inventing and perfecting scientific formulations for coated fabrics for more than 70 years. Through an innovative process that combines chemistry and technology, Graniteville leads the development and sourcing of custom coatings. With custom color compounding capabilities, we create specialized technical solutions specific to end users and take pride in our spirit of innovation, perfection, and commitment to the environment.

What Makes us Different

  1. Knowledge: Our entire team has hundreds of years of industry experience

  2. Custom formulations backed by a world class lab and cutting edge technology

  3. Industry leading customer service and support

  4. Unparalleled quality of work

About us


Product Spotlight: Perfecta Marine®

  • Perfecta Marine is the fabric used for the next generation of multi-use, high quality marine covers. By dissipating light waves, its engineered fabric coating allows less UV light to penetrate the fabric hence reducing heat gain and keeping surface and interior temperatures cooler. Click here to locate a distributor near you.

    • Heat reduction across all shades
    • 30% Plus heat reduction on dark fabrics (ASTM D4803)
    • Seating, instruments and flooring are cooler to touch
    • Across all colors
    • Weatherometer tested for over 1,000 hours
    • Outdoor rack tested for nearly 12 months
    • Extended product life


percent heat reduction on dark fabrics
plus hours weatherometer testing
months outdoor rack testing
colors available

Other Key Products


FR Vinyl RADIANT BARRIER coated polyester. Aluminized coating on one side with white vinyl on the alternate side. A .007" thick single ply material that achieves an R Value at a weight that equals maximum thermal efficiency. FR to ASTM D6413, CPAI-84, NFPA 701 and California Title 19.


Lightweight FR vinyl Coated HT polyester that performs like a much heavier material. Coated face and back, reversible, UV and mildew resistant, strong and durable, FR to ASTM D6413, CPAI-84, NFPA 701 and California Title 19. Developed for military shelters but applicable to many other uses. Stock available in white and safety green but can be produced in a wide range of colors.


Lightweight FR vinyl coated HT polyester designed to perform equal to Force FR with the added ability to withstand temperatures down to -60 degrees Fahrenheit. Currently used as flooring in the U.S. Marine Corps' arctic shelter. Standard color is grey but can be produced in a wide range of colors.

Key Products