Environmental Awareness

custom coatings and specialty coatingsGraniteville Specialty Fabrics, a specialty coatings and coated fabrics company is aware of the fragile relationship between man and the environment in which we live. It is the practice of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics to be an environmentally responsible corporate citizen. We are committed to a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly workplace. By managing our business in this manner, we benefit our associates, customers, and community both now and in the future. Our commitment to environmental stewardship is fostered by:


Providing training and education that result in an environmentally responsible workforce are the first steps to environmental awareness. We at Graniteville Specialty Fabrics insist upon an environmentally conscious work behavior, practices, and procedures. Self assessment of our performance in these areas are routinely conducted.

Waste Minimization

Our ongoing efforts in the area of waste minimization have led to natural resource conservation. Any excess chemical waste that results from our processes is either recycled for future in-house use or reclaimed as part of a fuels blending program. This blending program uses the energy from our chemical waste to fuel cement kilns, thus allowing for the reduced consumption of natural gas. In addition, our custom coatings – including performance coatings, marine coatings, and solvent coatings – are applied through a closed loop system ensuring that no coating chemistries are allowed to go to our waste water effluent. The efficient use of our byproducts allows us to be leaders in waste minimization.

Emission Reductions

Emission reductions are achieved through the oxidation of VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds). Graniteville Specialty Fabrics is one of the few specialty coatings facilities to incorporate thermal oxidation. Through the use of our four oxidizers or incinerators, VOC’s are reduced to clean air and water vapor.

Pollutant Eliminations

At the start of 2011, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics began a HAP (Hazardous Air Pollutants) reduction and elimination program. The program has consisted of using both compliant based coating systems and a conversion of organic chemistries from aromatic to aliphatic hydrocarbons. The use of these non-benzene related compounds will allow for the elimination of HAP’s by the end of this year.

Chemical Reformulations

Flame Retardants and Water Repellants (fluorochemicals) are integral parts of our performance technologies. Chemical reformulations using environmentally friendly flame retardants and C-8 fluorochemical alternatives are two of our more recent examples of green technology. It has been the dedicated effort of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics since 2009 to reduce the use of Brominated Ethers and Oxides in favor of nonhalogenated Flame Retardant Systems, whenever possible. Also, when the concerns over Perfluorooctonoic Acid (PFOA) based water repellants or C-8 compounds were discovered, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics became proactive in finding PFOA free environmental solutions.


Our daily compliance of all federal, state, and local environmental, health, and safety regulations is the end result of environmental awareness. Graniteville Specialty Fabrics is governed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control in the areas of Air Quality, Waste Disposal, and Water Discharge. Our environmental awareness policies and programs confirm our commitment to protecting the world in which we live.

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