Product Spotlight

  • Force FR Semi
    An HT vinyl coated fabric, Force FR SEMI is lightweight, strong and durable. Specialty coatings make Force FR SEMI, UV/Mildew resistant and water repellent, making it a solid choice for military tentage use. Available in widths 65” and under, this coated fabric can be produced with “Green” Metals-Free Antimicrobial. Current use of Force FR SEMI includes military shelter liner and plenum. Berry compliant. more
  • Isotherm FR®
    Isotherm FR® is a radiant barrier coated fabric that saves energy and money through improved efficiency and climate control. Its durable aluminized specialty coating, resistance to extreme temps and fire retardant traits make Isotherm FR® ideal for military tentage. Berry compliant. more
  • Zero Below
    Zero Below, an HT Polyester Vinyl coated fabric, is lightweight, strong, durable and resistant to extreme cold temps. Specialty coatings make it mildew and water resistant, and it can be produced in any color. Ideal for military tentage, Zero Below is currently being used as flooring in the Marine Corps New Artic Shelter. Berry compliant. more
  • Aqualon
    Aqualon has been the leading polymeric coated polyester marine fabric in the industry for over 20 years. The 60" wide durable polyester duck with marine coatings is resistant to water, mildew, UV rays, and petroleum product penetration. Aqualon has and continues to set the bar for all coated fabrics used as marine covers. more

Custom Coatings

What do we do for you? Everything. Just let us know your product end use, and we can source the fabric or create the coating -- custom for your specific needs. Our technical knowledge helps define the product quickly and accurately. more

Environmental Awareness

Learn how we manage recycling of coating chemicals and develop more environmentally sound products. more

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